As an artist, I aspire to capture organic snapshots that reveal the individual in their most vulnerable and unadulterated state.  My work explores the ways we produce identities reflective of our surroundings and works to strip the layers of performance in an attempt to observe the raw essence of each subject.  I also aim to document the ways that we are interconnected in obscure ways.  Much of my work centers around various expressions of the home and family, utilizing housefronts and personal belongings as motifs to epitomize the examination of another person’s life, allowing my audience to enter their reality in an unobtrusive manner.  My choice of subject comes from my fascination with intimacy; I use my art to gain a deeper understanding of people and the things that matter to them.  Additionally, I believe that photography acts as an excellent medium for social commentary; while the pervasive normalization of injustice encourages us to look past without a second glance, the memorialization of a photograph allows me to draw attention to inconspicuous inequities. 
I am inspired by the moments that we lose to memory and distraction.  For this reason, I chose to shoot on black and white film; I find this to be a simple yet profound medium for capturing authentic moments of being.  By searching for beauty in the seemingly mundane, I hope to encourage others to reframe the ways they ingest the world around them.  This collection of work aims to provoke a child-like wonder in its observation of Uptown New Orleans and deepen a sense of communion in this epoch of isolation and distancing. 

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